Wahoo TICKR Fit

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Tickr Fit is the name of this heart rate monitor from Wahoo. The heart rate monitor is typically made for women, so they do not have to wear the traditional heart rate belt across the chest region. It is made to side on the arm and measures your heart rate just as accurately as regular heart rate belts. 2 elastics included; 1 for the upper arm and 1 for the forearm. The advantage of this is that it is much easier and more discreet to wear this than a regular heart rate belt, where the blouse must be up. 


  • Colour Black
  • Battery life: 30+ hours
  • Water resistant: IPX7 
  • Sweatproof: Yes, the strap can be washed by hand. 
  • On / Off button
  • Wireless technology: BLE and ant +

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