Joint training every Thursday

The outdoor season has started and Barecykling is ready with joint training every Thursday evening in Svendborg. We drive at 17-19 and we expect to drive between 45-50 kilometers each time. Svendborg offers some of the most versatile nature in Denmark and it must of course be utilized. We expect to drive between 25 and 30 on average, so it will be quiet and calm so that everyone can get around together. 

We always have the opportunity to screw a little on the bike in the workshop, should the need arise.

Barecycling has made four different routes in the Svendborg area which is between 45-50 km. Remember to download them to your cycling computer if you have one.

You can register on Facebook here:

Bar cycling Svendborg Nord - 48.25 km

Altitude meter: 372 meters



Bar cycling Svendborg Vest - 50.60 km

Altitude meter: 394 meters


Bar cycling Svendborg South - 49.11 km

Altitude: 360


Bar cycling Svendborg East - 45.86 km

 Altitude: 400 meters



We hope you come and support the initiative and get a lot of good kilometers in the legs and build a lot of new acquaintances. 

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Sincerely. Søren Kruse Sorgenfrey


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