A wet Tour Re Tour :-)

Yes, then it did not go any further, after a lot of jogging with fantastic weather, we were hit hard for this year's Tour Re Tour.

Despite the fact that the weather forecast had said a little scattered rain, it actually rained all 63 km :-) Luckily it was nice and warm, so after a few kilometers you had got used to the rain and then it went really well the rest of the trip.


We drove with our group all the way and it went super well. The route itself was super good and nice flat :-)

The route was clearly marked and there were many people out on the route so many thanks to them and especially the two marshalls on a motorcycle did it wildly well!

There were also bike races along the way with people who stuck and had to be picked up again, etc., quite fun to be a part of.

After a slightly hectic finish due to many turns and lots of rain, we finished with a sandwich and an apple juice ... Unfortunately the weather was still miserable, so it was not weather to stay and talk, so we jumped on the bikes and cycled home again.

Another great exercise run - thank you for that and see you next year!

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